Secretary (2002)
Famous movie, but I have to give it a tribute. It was a pleasure to watch it again. I've never seen a better movie about BDSM.  If you know of such a movie, message me below.


Carried Away (1996)
A beautiful and intelligent student brazenly seduces an old sickly village teacher.

Carried Away

Fruits of Passion / Les fruits de la passion (1981)
A girl loves an older man. He demands that she goes in a brothel, as evidence that she loves him. I found the work of the movie's artist and the sex devices delightful.

Fruits of Passion

Zenra Kantoku (2019-2021)
The film is based on a true story. The path of a Japanese director (Toru Muranishi) in the porn industry.
Instagram of Toru:

Zenra kantoku (2019-2021)

Du poil sous les roses (2000)
"The discovery of sexuality through the eyes of a group of teenagers". An underrated comedy about a girl obsessed with sex. I have met several of them in my life. It's a pity that it happened late :)

Du poil sous les roses

Castillos de cartón, 2009
In an attempt to help his friend with his impotence, Jaime sets up two friends together. But after the failure, he comes in to help. What first appeared to be just a sexual experience evolves to a full romantic relationship of 3 people.
Plot Keywords: pubic hair, masturbation, menage a trois, penis, polyamory, voyeur, sex with a friend, impotence, group sex...

From me: a situation that could happen to me. But, a third person let us down. 

Castillos de carton

The Ages of Lulu / Las edades de Lulú (1990)
In Madrid, teenager Lulu has a crush on Pablo, who is the best friend of her brother Marcelo. One day, they go together to a concert and Lulu loses her virginity to Pablo. However, he travels to the United States and Lulu misses him. When he returns, they meet each other and Pablo proposes to Lulu Soon they befriend Ely and play sexual games with her. Later they have a daughter, Ines. One day, after a party, Pablo blindfolds Lulu and proposes a threesome; when Lulu discovers that she had an incestuous relation with Marcelo, she leaves Pablo to live with Ines in an apartment. Lulu feels bored and soon she is addicted in kinky and bizarre sex with gays in the underground of Madrid. Her erotic journey descends to hell when she meets the dangerous Remy that invites her to the world of sadomasochism.
From me: some tags of this movie from IMDB: double penetration, sadomasochism, oral sex, sex with blindfolded woman, gay sex, humiliation, rape, anal sex, bisexuality, sex with sister, etc, etc, etc.

The Ages of Lulu

Point de fuite 
A short film. A math teacher arrives at classroom to give a lesson on perspective only to find her students sitting there completely naked and in silence. Totally confused, she undresses as well and proceeds with the class. But there's a catch.

Point de Fuite